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SmsGate Pro V2.03
Send and receive SMS from PC becomes simple and fast.

New : Until 1500 characters by SMS!

SmsGate Pro, the most user-friendly and effective software of the market.
Multi-user : From 1 to 1.000 workstations.

See yourself :

Address book :

  • An address book including mutual contacts of all the users as well as your personal contacts So, the received SMS which are especially for you will be only readable on your PC.
  • Creation of contact groups to send the same message to all your colleagues,...

Templates :

  • An unlimited number of templates. So, the same texts will not have to be rewritten continuously anymore.
  • Nine shortcuts to your most used SMS templates.
  • For each model, it is possible to introduce one or several questions. For example : the cost of a repair, a schedule, etc...Before the sending, it is necessary to answer the question to complete the SMS
  • Automatic insertion or not of a signature, the name of the addressee,...

Delivery Reports :

  • Possibility to ask a delivery report for each sent message. If the SMS was not written in the SIM card of the addressee within a time limit you had chosen, the sent SMS will be displayed in red to warn you

The choice of languages ::

  • They are windows in the user's language. You can change this language in only one click.(flags)

The receipt of the SMS : :

  • Sound warning for the arrival of a message. (.wav file freely modifiable.).
  • A pop-up window informs you of the arrival of a message.
  • Un pop-up vous avise de l'arrivée d'un SMS.
  • Each received SMS is also copied in a .txt file which allows you to rapidly import these messages in Excell, QuattroPro, Word, WordPerfect, Access, etc..

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Should I buy a modem or any other equipment?
• You must have one GSM modem or a simbox to be able to send and receive SMS.
logo • If you already have a Simbox Musitel, you only have to connect it to the PC Server.
   The Sms can be sent or received during a conversation.
• You don't have any Simbox yet? A Musitel 100 or any other Musitel will perfectly suit absolutely.
• If you have a Simbox or a GSM Modem of another brand : a test is necessary.
• If you want to use a Gsm, you must then get a cable to connect it to your PC.
   SmsGate Pro works with the majority of the GSM.
   Warning : We don't give any assistance for the driver installation and configuration necessary to use a mobile. .

Test SmsGate Pro ??
• No problem, you can install it and test it over 2 workstations during 30 days. The test version is full options.

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In detail :
Address book : :
An address can be public or private. The public addresses will be visible and usable by all the users.
The private addresses only appear on your PC..
Each address contains the GSM number, the name of the owner, the public or private address criterion and also
a piece of free information on which you can make a sorting too.
For example :French-speaking Sales representative, English-speaking sales representative, etc. If you want to sort your
contacts on this criterion, only one click on the head of the column will be necessary and all of your French-speaking
sales representatives will be listed one below the other
The name of the addressee can be automatically insert in a SMS.
You can import addresses from other applications like Access, Excel, Word, Outlook Address Book, .txt files...

Contact Groups :
Each work-station can create one or several addressees groups.
It is enough to indicate a group as private so that the other users of the software can not see it.
A same address can belong to several public or private groups.

Templates :
You can create an unlimited number of templates.
Nine of these can be accessible by only one click.The others are to be chosen in a drop-down list.
Each template receives a title which appears in the drop-down list. That will make your choice easier.
In each template, you can insert one or several questions which will appear in a window when using
the template.
It is enough to answer the question to automatically complete the message.
You can also automatically insert a date, an hour, a date+hour, the name of the addressee, a signature
during the creation of the message..

Distribution Delivery reports (Acknowledge) :
When you send a message, you can ask a delivery report.
Once the SMS is written in the SIM card of the addressee, the GSM operator will send a special SMS
confirming the distribution
SmsGate Pro will reconcile this special SMS with the sent SMS, to display the right advancing or
not of the sent SMS.
You choose the deadline : 15 minutes, one hour, three hours,..., unlimited.
Warning :
A sms written in the SIM Card of the addressee was not necessarily read..
But the icon "envelop" will however be displayed on the GSM screen..
Remark :
The receipt of the delivery report is not reliable at 100%.
Sometimes this special SMS is not transmitted by the operator whereas the sent SMS was well distributed.

SMS saving :
Different folders record the sms according to their seniority ;
     • SMS Queue : The SMS are not sent yet ;
     • SMS Sent ;
     • SMS delivered : the delivery report is well arrived ;
     • SMS deleted : The SMS will disappear from this box after X days ( Choice ) ;
     • SMS archived : The SMS will be shifted to this box after X days ( Choice ) ;
You can also automate the creation of a backup file at the time of the final erasing. (XML file)

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Other functions :
Copy of the SMS in CSV files:
Each received SMS is systematically recorded in a .txt file
You can then import these files into any computer application
Some examples are attached on the Installation CD.

Permanent control by each user of the good performance of the modem GSM :
An icon shows permanently the strength of the received GSM signal and the state of the connection
with the server. You can write your SMS even if the server or the GSM network is not active.

Track files :
Different track files allow to record the traffic between the software and the Musitel or the Modem.
These files allow to rapidly identify the cause of a problem..

Vocabulary :
Server : PC to which Musitel or modem GSM is physically connected.
WorkStation or Customer : PC from the users of the Software SmsGate Pro. The server can also be used by an user. 

Running principles :
SmsGate Pro is based on the principle of file sharing. The database is written in a directory which must be shared
( little hand under the icon).The various workstations must have access to this folder.
During the installation of a Customer ( a workstation ) the software asks to indicate the path to attempt this folder.
The installation is thus ultra easy..
Operation is thus completely independent from the type of data-processing network.


Integration in other software :
Sending of SMS from your own applications: :
SmsGate Pro can send SMS generated by your own application.
How? All you have to do is to create a .txt file for each SMS to send including :
     • The number to be dialed,
     • The content of the message,
     • One code for the acknowledge, if you want a delivery report.

This .txt file must be written in a directory named SMSOUT. Every 10 seconds,
SmsGate Pro will visit this directory and will send the messages. Once the sending finished,
the file will be shifted in another directory. Like this, your application is totally isolated from
SmsGate Pro.
The sent messages will be directly visible in SmsGate Pro.
You can follow, in real time, the sending of SMS on the customer "Admin".

Mailing by SMS - Bulk SMS :
You create a .txt file including the list of addressees and the messages to be sent
This file can be created from any software like Excell, QuattroPro, Word, WordPerfect, Access, etc..
It is enough to copy it into the directory SMSOUT and it will be automatically sent.
Receive and send a message takes around 8 seconds.
It is a restraint from the GSM technology, whatever the operators and countries.
You can send around 450 SMS by hour. If you need a higher hourly flow, you must use several
modems, and thus several Sim Cards.
Example : You must send 2000 SMS in an hour : 2000 / 450 = 4,4, so you need 5 modems.
Vous pouvez suivre, en temps réel, l'envoi des Sms sur le Client "Admin".

Use of several modems :
See SmsGate Pro 2.03M Version.

Administration of databases :
All the datas, the address book, the templates, the sent and received SMS are recorded in a database.
With the SmsGate Pro V2.03M version, you can use several databases simultaneously.
You will indicate for each modem the database to be used.
Several modems can work on the same database.
For example :
The database "A" is used for the daily use for entering and outgoing traffic SMS.
The database " B" will be useful for the mailings. You will choose the modems which will use it.
For example, for your mailings, you can forecast a database by GSM operator.

Help file :
An help file including all the necessary information is accessible by only one click.
It is naturally written in the language chosen by the user.

To choose SmsGate Pro or a SMS Service on the Internet ?

A SMS is never anonymous.
The received message is always signed by the number of the sender. Principally, the number of the
Sim Card which has dispatched it.

SMS sent with SmsGate Pro :
SmsGate Pro will send the number of the Sim Card used by the Simbox or the Modem.
The addressee will have the certainty that the received SMS is really from you.
He can thus answer you knowing that you will receive his message.

SMS sent by Internet :
The server used on the Internet contains a lot of Sim Cards, which serve for all the messages to be sent.
So two consecutives SMS towards the same addressee can be sent by two different numbers.
Your addressees never have certainty about the origin of the SMS.
If he answers to this SMS, you will never be informed..
However, some solutions exist, like for example the obligation to use a code at the beginning of the response SMS, to allow you too receive this
responses. début de la page
That presents a constraint which some of your addresses will not easily understand.
Important Remark :
Don't forget that you are giving your precious database, holding all your contacts, to companies which often you know
neither the address nor the managers.

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    Price :

HTVA (€)
incluse (€)

SmsGate Pro 2.03    Driver USB for Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8 and W10
License for two workstations included.
Directly compatible with the modem USB M1100.
Allows to use the software on a portable or PC which doesn't have a port COM.
Directly compatible with Musitel 100, 120, 160, 53, 61, EasyGate, Smartgate, TC35 Siemens, MC55 Siemens.


SmsGate Pro 2.03   + SMS Modem Musitel 1100 USB
License for two workstations included.
Delivered with a modem USB (CSD + GPRS).
Allows to use the software on a portable or PC which doesn't have a port COM.


Additional Workstation         price by workstation


SMS Modem Musitel 1100 USB
Modem USB (CSD + GPRS).
Allows to use the software on a portable or PC which doesn't have a port COM.
Driver USB for Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8 and W10


Drivers Compatibility :
SmsGate Pro 2.03     Driver USB for Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8 and W10
Allows the running of the software with the majority of the modems and the portables. Connected to the PC, by USB port, COM port ( série) or Bluetooth.

The following devices were successfully tested.
début de la page • Musitel 100, 120, 160, 53, 61
• 2N EasyGate,
• 2N SmartGate,
Generally, any device using these modules : GSM TC35, MC20, MC39, MC55, MC56 from Siemens
Many mobile phones are running properly with SmsGate Pro.
However, because of the rapid turnover of models and versions, a test is necessary before purchasing the software.
• SMS Modem Musitel 1100 USB
• Runs with the majority of the USB modems.
However, some modems don't allow the delivery report. This is the case with the WAVECOM modems, for example.

USB Modems :
SMS Modem Musitel 1100 USB
Gsm Characteristics :
850/900/1800/1900 MHz.
Capacity class 4 (2W) 850/900 MHz waves.
Capacity class 1 (1W) 1800/1900 MHz waves.
Driver USB for Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8 and W10

CSD/GPRS Characteristics
GPRS class 10.
CSD (Up to 9.6 kbps).

The modem delivered preconfigured for use with SmsGate Pro.    The installation is really Plug and Play.

Remark : Musitel doesn't give support for the GPRS and EDGE utilizations.
Our technical support concern only the modem utilization with the software SmsGate Pro and Musitel products.

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